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I Love Grappa

  • Vinitaly, the last word: four spirited days Events

    Vinitaly, the last word: four spirited days

    It’s not easy to describe the flurry of movement  at the Nardini stand in the four intense and spirited days of the 46th edition of Vinitaly, wine and distillates fair inVerona. Distributors, loyal clients and future ones along with grappa lovers were attracted to the original and stylish open-plan stand.

    The tremendous turnout gave the historic distiller a chance to welcome loyal Nardini fans as well as to forge new contacts: wine bars and Italian restaurants, as well as HORECA operators from all over the world were wowed by the world of Nardini.

    Between appointments, there were grappa tastings as well as the famous Nardini aperitifs served by the same barman that work at the historic grapperia on the bridge in Bassano del Grappa.

    This was a perfect opportunity to showcase the Nardini line of grappas and liqueurs in a convivial way.

    The bar was jam-packed for the cocktail presentations on Monday and Tuesday afternoons: grand classics were re-interpreted with Nardini’s liqueurs and amaro such as the Mandorla sour and Amaro sour, another big hit was the Nardito, with grappa Nardini, a variation of the famous Mojito and the show-stopper was the grappa Rainbow that changed color as it is was poured out of the shaker.

    Barman Andrea showed his creative side by making bespoke cocktails for visitors, and with 18 products to choose from, the variations were endless.

    There were also a few surprises, like the visit to the stand by Al Bano, the famous Italian singer who raised a glass with Giuseppe Nardini, and a Pavarotti look-alike , whose name just happens to be… Nardini.

    All told, the experience surpassed all expectations, and the Nardini staff were pleasantly surprised by the public’s level of expertise and their responsibility to “drink well”. The true star of the fair was the products themselves and the occasion served to showcase the entire line of liqueurs, grappas and aperitifs that have made Nardini a household name.

    And since this was Nardini’s first venture at Vinitaly, it looks like it definitely will not be the last!

  • Vinitaly 2012: 5 days with the right spirit Events

    Vinitaly 2012: 5 days with the right spirit

    It will be a perfect opportunity to taste our grappa, those passionate about aged distillates  shouldn’t pass up the chance to taste the exclusive Aquavite di Vinaccia’ Riserva 15 anni – as well as the liqueurs and amari that are part of our long tradition of spirit making and made with antique recipes, herbs and citrus fruits.

    What’s more, it will also be time for the signature Nardini apertifs like the unmistakable mezzoemezzo until now served exclusively in the historic Grapperia on the old bridge and two cocktail sessions, on  Monday and Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm, when grappa and liqueurs take on a new dimension in original mixed cocktails.

    For this special occasion there will be the complete Nardini line of products, all 18 of them!

    You haven’t tried them yet?  Well, come and discover them at our stand Pavilion 7B  stand  F5.

  • For four months, the City of Grappa opens its gates to the “spirit” of photography Events

    For four months, the City of Grappa opens its gates to the “spirit” of photography

    4 months of events, exhibitions, and happenings in Bassano del Grappa. Internationally-acclaimed photographers and photography enthusiasts that let their imagination take form with the click of the shutter”.

     This is the photography expo that has transformed the city of Bassano del Grappa since September 17th and is now drawing to a close.

    The project entitled Bassano Fotografia, in collaboration with Manfrotto, the famous tripod producer, the city of Bassanoand the Pro Bassano group, presents a comprehensive show in the spaces of the CivicMuseumwith international greats such as Douglas Kirkland, Harry De Zitter, Massimo Siragusa and Marc De Tollenaere.

    But this edition of Bassano Fotografia was also a perfect opportunity to highlight budding artists and photography buffs.

    To complete the event, unusual spaces for the exposition of art, such as the shop windows, churches, palaces, bars and also along the streets of the historic center, have temporarily hosted their shots thanks to the initiative called “Fuori Palazzo” (out of the Palazzo) .

    In this context Nardini and our Grapperia Al Ponte accepted the work of a young artist – Sara Lando – that seeked to create curiosity and stimulate the imagination of our loyal habitués and tourists, finding themselves in front of a creative work in a space where nothing has changed since 1779.

  • “In Infart We Trust” Events

    “In Infart We Trust”

    Here we are for the fifth edition with urban art  at Garage Nardini.  From tomorrow until Sunday Infart will be in full force: the festival of urban art and music.

    Sixty of the best emerging artists of the national and international contemporary scene will intervene in four locations in the heart of Bassano. In addition to Garage Nardini, the Civic Museum, the historic Ezzelini Castle and the arena Cimberle Ferrari will be the stage for site-specific installations, photographic exhibitions nd live music  (see details  here)

    This year the task to “repaint” the walls of Garage Nardini, the ex distillery, falls on talented artists like Ufocinque108,GuildorAeighenesDiego KnoreKoesManuel Pablo Pace,SikaCera and Giovanni Pasini.

    IN INFART WE TRUST”, is the slogan of this edition of Infart: a concept that distils the spirit of this festival:   “To trust in the festival means to trust the city that hosts us, have faith in the potential of a small entity that can attract attention to itself and the European artistic scene”, affirms Gianluca Cherubin, part of the artistic crew that dreamed up Infart.

    What Infart means to us: a belief in the potential of young artists, using this form of unconventional and provocative “language”, taking a creative approach to social participation.

    Il Garage Nardini opens their doors to the public tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

  • Bolle Nardini played by Emio Greco | PC Events

    Bolle Nardini played by Emio Greco | PC

    For a number of years, a close creative link has united Operaestate festival and the Bolle of Nardini, a collaboration culminating in the month of July when our events & research space become a stage of artistic performances with various choreographers from the contemporary scene, and at this time of year we always watch with great curiosity while the show takes form. For most artists this is a site-specific creation using Bolle as a vessel.

    The most interesting part for us is to watch how each artist uses in the spaces of the Bolle– one part, the ethereal and transparency of the ellipsoidal shapes, another part, the rough heart of cement and wood of the auditorium, drawing inspiration from the structure  and reinterpreting the spaces in a new way.

    After Virgilio Sieni, Itzik Galili and Krisztin de Châtel, Chris Haring and the Hjort Dance Company, Yasmeen Godder, this time it was up to Emio Greco | PC to re invent the Bolle space withNardini – Cascade.   A spectacle that takes inspiration from Kubrik’s film “Eyes wide shut” where the choreographer and dancer Emio Greco, like an orchestra director, with two other incredible dancers- Suzan Tunca and Victor Callens- invited the public to take part in a sundown odyssey, a trip articulated through their revolutionary choreographic language.

    But the theme of the film was merely the spark to keep us suspended between a cascade of movements, once sinuous, then energetic: sounds, pulsations of light and emotions in perfect harmony with the spaces of the Bolle.

    “A cascade of interpretive perfection and extraordinary technique”, is how Lara Campigato of the Giornale di Vicenza  newspaper described it, all made possible thanks  to a team of professionals that collaborate in complete symbiosis under the creative eye of Emio Greco, from the extraordinary direction of Pieter C. Sholten, Henk Danner, light designer to sound technician David te Marvelde and costume designer Clifford Portier.

    A national debut enthusiastically applauded by the full house on the evenings of July 8 9 and 10, the work of Emio Greco | PC successfully inaugurated a new season of dance of the Operaestate festival in Bassano del Grappa.  
    Photo  © A. Boscato
  • From Bassano to Milan, but the design is at home Events

    From Bassano to Milan, but the design is at home

    Nardini just returned from Milano where they participated in Tuttofood, the fair dedicated to eating and drinking  at the Rho Fairgrounds just outside the Lombardy capital.

    This was the first edition of Mixer Village, a pavilion specifically for the drinks sector and HORECA : hotels, restaurants, bar and catering.

    Even though this was the first edition, Nardini felt instantly at home, most likely because the futuristic fairgrounds in glass and steel were designed  by Massimiliano Fuksas, the same architect of the BOLLE, translated as Bubbles , Nardini’s research and visitor’s center in Bassano, dedicated in 2004.

    The similarities in the two structures don’t end here: both use the element of  water in their design, both were built in record time and both have a low environmental impact  using underground spring water for heating and cooling. They each use  symbology as well; the Bolle of Nardini use the metaphor of the alchemy of distillation, with the Bolle forming two stylised drops of grappa, while the Milano fair makes use of a long sail as imagery. In versions small and extra large, the creations of Fuksas never fail to create  a spectacular impact, and the setting could not have been better as Nardini makes their own big splash into the drinks sector.

      Photo: Rho Fairgrounds © Archivio Fuksas – Bolle Nardini © M. Danesin
  • At Tuttofood or at “tutta-grappa”! Events

    At Tuttofood or at “tutta-grappa”!

    Just 3 days until the opening of Tuttofood, the fair in Milan dedicated to the excellence of  Italian foods and we are  busy with the final preparations for our participation in Mixer Village.

    One  of the “main courses” of this  edition is the  area dedicated to HORECA -  the  hotel restaurant bar and catering sector in the  Mixer Village  pavilion -  where important players in the beverage world have  their time to shine.

    This  is a great time to mix, mingle and network with colleagues, foodies and Italophiles in general.

    Four days, from 8 to 11 May, to discover the wide range of products grappas, liqueurs, amaros aperitifs, to taste “a Nardini” or the signature Nardini aperitivo from Bassano.  You’re sure to uncover a few surprises…  another good  reason to stop by and see us !

    Nardini Distillery: Pavilion 22 Stand 6 - Mixer Village, Tuttofood Milan Fairgrounds  – Rho Italy

  • Tagliatella Nardini – Carnival is over but the Harlequin remains. Did you know?

    Tagliatella Nardini – Carnival is over but the Harlequin remains.

    The curious story of Tagliatella.

    The pre-lenten festival of Carnivale is over but  the funny harlequin character on the label of Nardini’s Tagliatella remains with us. Behind the label is a curious history.

    Most people have heard of tagliatella pasta:  it takes its name from the word “tagliare”  which means “to cut”.  Nardini’s  Tagliatella has an interesting back story.  After the first and second world wars where many battles were fought in and around  Bassano del Grappa, Nardini was already a popular watering-hole, but money was scarce and Nardini  was challenged to come up with a drink that even the poorest could afford.  In those days Nardini used to serve their grappa and liqueurs from copper urns ( that  you can still see today at the grapperia) with a faucet on each one.  Under each faucet was a little “drop catcher”.

    At the end of the day, all the drops of all the products were put in a barrel and mixed – a “cut”  of everything—and the new drink was dubbed  “Tagliatella”.

    This beverage became wildly popular, so in modern times  the formula was  perfected and the secret recipe containing grappa and aromas  is  jealously guarded by the Nardini family. The harlequin on the label with its multicoloured suit represents the many ingredients.

    Today Tagliatella cocktail, an unmistakable taste with notes of cherry and a ruby red color, is a registered trademark, so beware of  imitations!   Tagliatella, at  35%  alcohol by volume, is  an “occasional drink” to enjoy at any time of day; delicious as  an aperitif or a digestif and  now  gaining fame  in original cocktails as an alternative  to vermouth. How  you like your Tagliatella?
  • Garage Nardini: the creative workshop of Urban Art Events

    Garage Nardini: the creative workshop of Urban Art

    Hello Nasty! On  the weekend  of 3-5 September, the mild-mannered town of Bassano del Grappa was hit with an extreme  makeover of creativity by 60 national and international artists  and writers wielding spray cans, paintbrushes and  much more — in the 4th edition of Infart, the festival dedicated to Urban art.

    For 3 days,  the Garage Nardini space became an open-air canvas of street art and the  walls surrounding the old  Nardini distillery were transformed into a writer’s gallery, infusing new life to the expansive zone.

    Other areas  transformed for the occasion were the Cimberle  Ferrari arena, invaded by murals, the  Ezzelini Castle with a sculpture exhibit and  graffiti projections on the walls, and the castle  tower with  works displayed inside.

    Visiting  the 3 hosting areas, I was amazed by the fact that  Infart  was able to transform this dainty little  town into a pulsing heart of street art,  attracting not just enthusiastic local youths  but a good  number of international visitors while creating  a healthy dose of curiosity  by  “traditionalists”. This  type  of  event  is  not  new  to Nardini Garage; for  the past  few  years  this  space has  been transformed into a creative  laboratory and, we’re always curious  to see the next metamorphosis of these walls. What’s  next?   Stay tuned!
    Photo credits: Gianluca Cherubin

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