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  • Selection and harvest

    Selection and harvest

    Flavor and Quality

    Nardini selects pomace primarily from the red grape varietals traditionally grown in the foothills of Veneto and Friuli, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, characterized by an intense, complex bouquet, creating a unique blend with white grapes such as Pinot Bianco and Friulano.
    Quality control starts with selection of the pomace, in perfect harmony with the natural rhythms of the grape harvest. Impeccable conservation of pomace is the distillery’s first great secret: the pomace is delivered by wineries within 24 hours of vinification and stored in the distillery in total absence of air and without addition of yeasts, guaranteeing unparalleled quality.

  • Distillation


    Experience and Research


    Tradition is often perceived as remote, distant - a memory lost in the mists of time.

    For the Nardini family, however, tradition goes hand in hand with innovation and signifies the ability to preserve original methods by adapting them to modern production techniques.

    The steam method, trademark of Nardini, consists of the distillation of pomace, both in the discontinuous flow vacuum-sealed system in Bassano del Grappa and in the continuous flow column procedure in Monastier, extracts only the heart of the grappa. The two distilleries form an alliance, working in tune to create a harmony of flavors and subtleties. This synergy, together with a range of different aging periods, is the key to Nardini’s full range of grappas and spirits. Promoting environmental sustainability, the exhausted grape pomace is separated and transformed into a new resource for use in other sectors, such as the food industry, for animal feed, and in cosmetics.

  • Blending and Quality Control
    Blending and Quality Control

    Blending and Quality Control

    A Guarantee of Excellence


    The Nardini blend is one of a kind, and stands out for its unique, unmistakable flavor and superb quality.

    The in-house testing lab monitors the entire production cycle in both distilleries, ensuring the technological and quality standards Nardini is renowned for and overseeing the whole distillation method, rich in tradition and evolution.

    The quality assurance of the blending process is also carried out in the laboratory by a panel of experts and members of the Nardini family, guaranteeing that each and every bottle meets the top quality standards that, generation after generation, have linked their label to the highest degree of excellence.