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Nardini Bolle : from Futurism to polibibite

Nardini Bolle : from Futurism to polibibite

The Bolle venue is all set for a return to Futurism! That's right, on June 29 we will welcome a special guest for the presentation of his book entitled "Futurist Mixology- Polibibite, the independent Italian answer to cocktails in the 1930s".

Who is he? Fulvio Piccinino, bartender, scholar and expert on traditional Italian liquor and mixed drinks. He will accompany you on the discovery of the 1920s and 30s, when the artists belonging to the Futurist movement created the most daring and original blends in the history of cocktails using national liquors. Bold, brilliant, and pushing the limits of experimentation, but always respectful of their origins, true declarations of intent and therapies, aimed at socialization, to stimulate conversation, the exchange of ideas and debate.

You will have the chance to discover mixtures made in those years by various members of Futurism and watch the preparation of some polibibite, placafame and in combination, taken from the 1932 futurist cookbook.

Curious? Participants must register by sending an email to:

Come to the Bolle Monday, June 29th at 2:30 pm and remember that, in the words of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, "Man thinks, dreams and acts according to what he eats and drinks."