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  • Nardini: The seventh generation

    Nardini: The seventh generation

    The Nardini family has always looked to the future: two centuries of tradition, together with an endless dedication to innovation, are the two key characteristics of the Nardini method: a method that represents Italian grappa and Italian quality all over the world. 

  • Art and Culture

    Art and Culture

    The Nardini family has always been linked with culture: their passion for the arts and their spirit of patronage continues to grow. In the desire to offer opportunities of great taste and value, Nardini has established a number of partnerships drawing attention to Italy’s artistic heritage and excellence all over the world.


    Intrapresae Collezione Guggenheim

    The Nardini family participates in Intrapresae Collezione Guggenheim, an international cultural project with the involvement of prestigious Italian companies supporting the artistic initiatives of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.


    OperaEstate Festival

    Nardini supports OperaEstate, a series of theater, music, film and dance events offered to the city of Bassano and the region of Veneto every summer. Each year, Bolle becomes an exclusive stage for contemporary dance, hosting world-famous choreographers who design unique, site-specific performances.

  • Mixology: A new culture

    Mixology: A new culture

    The Nardini family believes the ritual of drinking is deeply connected with balance and quality.

    Nardini aims to export Italian tradition by collaborating with world-famous mixologists to create cocktails that perfectly balance the different flavors.

    What you might call a “philosophy of drinking”, based on the ability to exalt and mix the Italian tradition of grappas and liqueurs in unexpected ways. New subtle flavors and alchemies that match today’s refined tastes.


    The Spirit of Italy

     Nardini, together with seven of Italy’s most prominent family-run distilleries and liqueur makers – Amaro Lucano, Cocchi, Distilleria Varnelli, Distillerie Moccia, Luxardo, Pallini and Toschi – has established “The Spirit of Italy”, a project for publicizing Italian quality abroad. “The Spirit of Italy” stands for culture, lifestyle and research and was conceived in collaboration with great mixologists, coordinated by Francesco Lanfranconi, to bring the culture of taste and a new interpretation of tradition to the export market.

  • Nardini events

    Nardini events

    Nardini Evenings

    Nardini promotes the “culture of grappa” all over the world, not only through its products but by organizing events and tastings to uncover the subtleties of the philosophy of mixology, for balanced, complete enjoyment of the entire Nardini range.


    Pitti Taste

     In 2013 Nardini participated for the first time at Pitti Taste, an event symbolizing the excellence of Italian food and wine. A public opportunity to present the company’s mission and products to gourmets from all over the world.



    Nardini has won two prestigious prizes at the international Vinitaly exhibition: the Golden Label Award and the Special Prize for Coordinated Image, awarded for the restyling of its original label. A concrete demonstration of the company’s ability to keep up-to-date while maintaining its heritage and preserving a label that has become an icon of their product and lifestyle.