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Fernet Nardini

1 liter - 40% by vol.

The roots of flavor
  • The product
    • Spicy, bitter, intense. This is Fernet Nardini. The unmistakable aroma of rhubarb and gentian roots instantly brings to mind memories of traditional medicinal plants, telling the story of a liqueur with an intense flavor that fills the palate
  • Profile
    • Main ingredients: Chinese rhubarb, gentian root, herbs and spices

      Appearance: Very dark brown

      Aromatic profile: Distinctive fragrance, intense and persistent with botanical and spicy notes that bring to mind the many spices and officinal herbs in the recipe

      Palate: Bitter, its natural ingredients are extremely well-balanced in the aftertaste

  • Serving suggestions
    • Can be served straight up, at room temperature, or on the rocks; is also often used as a “correction” for espresso