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Grappa Riserva 15 Anni Gift Box

350 ml - Grappa aged 15 years 50% by vol.

Best accompanied with dark chocolate and soft music
  • The product
    • Smooth, intense, and complex. The experience of tasting it is the product of an exceptional 15-year aging process in Slavonian oak barrels. An exclusive gift in a precious gift box with a magnetic latch.
      Available in 375ml bottle for the US market
  • Profile
    • Ingredients: Pomace of grapes harvested in the foothills of Veneto and Friuli Regions of Italy.

      TYPE OF DISTILLATION: traditional, vacuum-sealed steam still with double rectification; aged for 15 years in Slavonian oak barrels.

      Appearance: Clear with copper reflections

      Aromatic profile: Distinct, full and persistent bouquet, harmonious with pleasant nuances of wood

      Palate: Smooth, intense, with notes of tobacco; finish with complex overtones due to the exceptionally long aging in Slavonian oak barrels

  • Serving suggestions
    • Ideal served at room temperature, highly recommended with dark chocolate or a fine cigar