Acqua di Cedro LiqueurAcqua di Cedro Liqueur

DESCRIPTION“The noble cousin of limoncello” is a phrase that can best define this traditional citron-based liqueur with a sweet citrus taste and dry finish.
INGREDIENTSGrain alcohol, natural aroma of cedro (citron).
APPEARANCETransparent, crystalline.
NOSEThe intrinsic scent of citrus, sweet and yet dry makes this liqueur extremely versatile for any time of day.
PALATESweet with a citrus taste.
SERVING SUGGESTIONPerfect served chilled, ideal as an ingredient in cocktails, long drinks, over ice cream or fresh fruit, and as a sorbet.
BOTTLEBordelaise bottle of 35, 37.5, 70, 100 cl.
Acqua di Cedro Liqueur