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Grappa Riserva Single Cask 22 anni Selezione box
70 cl


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Grappa Riserva Single Cask 22 anni Selezione

A unique and exquisite grappa, in a limited edition of 3,240 bottles, numbered and certified by our Master Distiller. An exceptional barrel aging, number 326, begun 26 September 1996 and completed 26 February 2019 has provided us with Grappa Riserva 22 anni Single Cask from Nardini, a superb distillate of patience and of an art that the Nardini Family has practiced for over 240 years. An innovation in the Nardini world, and the first of its kind: unlike the traditional grappa riserva that are cuvèe from different barrels of the same year, in the 22 anni Single Cask the final blend is poured into the barrel and aged. A grappa of excellent qualities, in an exquisite bottle and packaged in a Slavonian oak wooden box.

Tasting notes: Complex and delicate profile rich in nuances with evident hints of vanilla and light floral notes.

Appearance: Amber yellow with warm tones.

Palate: Full and refined taste. The finish captures complex nuance due to the exceptional ageing of 22 years in a single cask.

Type of distillation:Grappa produced with discontinuous pot still and continuous column still.

ABV: 45%

Ageing: Aged for a minimum of 22 years in Slavonian oak.

Packaging: Bottle in a Slavonian oak wooden case.



Sensory Evaluation
Sensory Evaluation
Grappa Riserva Single Cask 22 anni Selezione graph